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Main Sources

Sources are listed in English alphabetical order.  I am in no way affiliated with any of these sites.  Unfortunately, most of my original sources have disappeared over the years.  Actual databases are presumably gone forever, but closed web sites are often still available on the Wayback Machine, as indicated.

Akita Shoten (秋田書店):  former publisher of the comics magazines Susperia (サスペリア) and Susperia Mystery (サスペリアミステリー), and current publisher of Mystery Bonita (ミステリーボニータ).

The Bottomless Pit of Japanese Horror Comics (怪奇マンガのあなぐら).  I have actually only just discovered this site, but I anticipate getting much information there!

Hi no Tori Comic Database* (火の鳥  コミックデータベース):  catalog of a now defunct used book service.  Files are still available through a Wayback Machine capture from 2008 (Japanese only), although the search no longer functions.

Horror Manga 50-nen Shi* (ホラー漫画50年史):  a review site for Japanese horror comics published between 1970 and 2020, with an emphasis on older publications.  There is a Wayback Machine capture from 2019 (Japanese only).

JAMALL.COM:  Sanseido (三省堂)’s much-missed on-line bilingual book database.

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  former publisher of Asuka Mystery DX (あすかミステリーDX).  The company was merged into the reorganized KADOKAWA (KADOKAWA) group in 2013.

Kairaku-teki Kaiki Manga no Utage* (快楽的怪奇漫画之宴):  once an excellent source for information on old and out-of-print horror comics.  There is a Wayback Machine capture from 2009 (Japanese only).

The database at Kinokuniya Japan's on-line bookstore (紀伊國屋書店).

Manga Link (マンガ Link).  The link lists once curated there are available through this Wayback Machine capture from 2004 (Japanese only).  Most of the listed links are broken now, of course, but sometimes they still work as links to other sites also stored on the Wayback Machine.

Manpara (ま・ん・ぱ・ら):  a reader review and information site for Japanese comics in general.  It has been through a few different forms and revisions since I originally used it, but it was updated and made available as a site again in 2008.  once the official on-line store for Shueisha (集英社), Shogakukan (小学館), Shodensha (祥伝社), Hakusensha (白泉社), Shourinsha* (照林社), and Shogakukan Production (小学館プロダクション).

Tokimeki Club (ときめきくらぶ):  a bilingual information site dedicated to Japanese girls’ comics.  There is a Wayback Machine capture from 2007, although again the search has been rendered useless.  An older Wayback Machine capture from 2005 allows better access to the related files.