Current Magazines

There have been many girls’ comics magazines devoted to horror, suspense and/or mystery, although only a handful are currently running.

I have tried to confirm that these are all in current release, and qualify as both horror/mystery and girls’ magazines.  (There are also horror comics magazines for women; I’ve done my best not to include those.  It should be noted, however, that the line between girls' and ladies' titles can be very fuzzy and bookstores often disagree with each other and even with the publisher about the intended audience.)

"True horror" refers to comics which are made from "true" stories reported by anyone from professional psychics to the magazine’s subscribers.  I personally don’t care much for this subgenre as the stories are necessarily vague and anecdotal, but it seems to be quite popular.

Additions and corrections are welcome!

The independent crowdfunded digital magazine Horror Comic Resurrection (ホラーコミック  レザレクション) is not specifically intended for girls, but a few of the creators involved are known for girls' horror.

Past Magazines

Qualifying magazines no longer in publication.

Many volumes of titles which appeared in these magazines can still be found, so they’re included for reference.  (Besides, some of them are sorely missed!)