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Other Creators

There are quite a few artists and authors devoted to girls’ horror, and many more who have dabbled in it.  Please be aware that girls’ horror ranges from the goofy to the grotesque and not every artist is for every reader.  Therefore, not all of these are necessarily recommended; they’re just various creators that have had at least one volume of girls’ horror comics released.

In those cases where a comic has a separate author and artist, it is listed in the artist’s bibliography with the author noted in the commentary.  One case worthy of special note:  Setsuwasha (説話社) is a specialist editorial service that was intimately involved in the production of Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha (実業之日本社)’s magazines (My Birthday, Kyoufu Manga 666, etc.).  Therefore it often appears along with the author on Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha publications.  I am not, however, including it in the lists here.

There are also many girls' horror comics anthologies (アンソロジー).  I'm sure my list is far from incomplete, but it at least provides a sampling.

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