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Yutaka Abe (阿部ゆたか)

Homepage:  阿部ゆたかCRICRI倶楽部 (Japanese only)

Has also released comics under the names RocketBrothers (ロケット兄弟) and Tachibana Seven (橘セブン).

Eriko Agei (安芸永里子)

Wrote the story for Dare ka ga Mitsumeteru (だれかが見つめてる), drawn by Youko Matsumoto (松本洋子).

Mayumi Aida (愛田真夕美)

Homepage:  アイダマニア (mostly Japanese; some pages have a section in English)

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Jirou Akagawa (赤川次郎)

His Shisha no Gakuensai (死者の学園祭) was made into a comic of the same name by Nana Akiyoshi (あきよし菜魚), as well as being the source for Youko Matsumoto (松本洋子)’s Nusumareta Houkago (ぬすまれた放課後).  Matsumoto also based Satsujin yo Konnichi wa (殺人よこんにちは) and Kaiki Hakubutsukan (怪奇博物館) on his novels.  More recently released is the Akagawa Mystery Comics series:

Bebe Akai (赤衣べべ)

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Junichirou Akayoshi (赤美潤一郎)

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Sho Akechi (明智抄)

Blog:  明智抄の部屋 (Japanese only)

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Jiro Akiba (あきばじろぉ)

Primarily a creator of "boys' love" comics, Akiba has done one "true horror" comic, Tsukiakari no Shugorei-san* (月明かりの守護霊さん), put out by Asahi Shimbun Publications (朝日新聞出版).


Youko Akimoto (秋本葉子)

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Matsuri Akino (秋乃茉莉)

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Runna Akiyama (秋山るんな)

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Tamayo Akiyama (秋山たまよ)

Homepage:  秋山たまよ☆ホームページ (Japanese only)

Nana Akiyoshi (あきよし菜魚)

Homepage:  NANATCH (Japanese only)

Mostly a creator of "boys’ love" comics, Akiyoshi released one mystery title, 死者の学園祭 (Shisha no Gakuensai), published by Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店) under Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス).  The story was based on a work by well-known mystery author Jirou Akagawa (赤川次郎).

Jido Akizuki (秋月慈童)

Psychic who wrote the story for Takakazu Nagakubo (永久保貴一)'s Mikkyou Sou Akizuki Jidou no Higi:  Reigen Suhou Mandala (密教僧  秋月慈童の秘儀  霊験修法曼荼羅).

Kyoko Akizuki (秋月杏子)

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Sumiko Amakawa (天川すみこ)

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Miko Amamiya (天宮視子)

Source of the stories for the Reikan O-jou Amamiya Miko Series (霊感お嬢★天宮視子シリーズ), illustrated by Kakeru Hitomi (ひとみ翔).

Hirume Ameno (天之ひるめ)

Listed as the author of several parts of the Tenchi Shinmei! (天地神鳴!) series, otherwise by Nao Hinachi (ヒナチなお).  She also wrote the story for Hana Umeno (梅野花)'s short work Sakura no Shita de* (桜の下で).


Mayuki Anan (阿南まゆき)

Created Bloody Lily (ブラッディ・リリィ), published by Shogakukan (小学館) under Ciao Horror Comics (ちゃおホラーコミックス).  She has also had short works appear in several Ciao Horror Comics anthologies.

Natsu Ando (安藤なつ)

Homepage:  おちゃや 安なつ (Japanese only)

Yukio Aoe (青江雪生)

This name is also sometimes listed as Yukimi Aoe.

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Yasuko Aoike (青池保子)

Homepage:  青池保子公式サイト LAND HAUS (Japanese only)

Rin Aoki (アオキリン)

This artist’s name is also sometimes listed as Kirin Ao (unless this is in fact a separate person, though that seems unlikely).

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Tomo Aoki (青木朋)

Homepage:  青青 (Japanese only)

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Pink Aomata (碧也ぴんく)

Homepage:  ぴんくの王国 (Japanese only)


Tamami Aono (青乃多万実)

Aono seems to specialize in risque girls' titles, all published by Akita Shoten (秋田書店).  The title piece of her volume Abunai!  Guardian (あぶない! ガーディアン) originally appeared in Mystery Bonita.  The same piece was later included in the Akita Shoten anthology Love Gold.

Kiyoko Arai (あらいきよこ)

Hiroshi Aramata (荒俣宏)

Prolific novelist and translator who provided the story for Naoko Kugo (九後奈緒子)’s Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan (夢々陰陽師鬼談).

Rururu Araragi (あららぎるるる)

Homepage:  ¡amigas! (Japanese only)

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Sumi Arisaka (有坂須美)

Also creates comics under the name Arisa Kasumi (霞亜里沙).

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Rui Arisugawa (有栖川るい)

Homepage:  Alicebad Alicegood (Japanese only)

Arisugawa apparently sometimes writes her name as "Rui Alicegawa," and indeed on occasion fully translates the pun and renders it as "Alice the Bad."  But since it’s not clear which should be considered the most official form, it seemed best to be conservative and use the standard romanization.

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Arita Kei (有田景)

Homepage:  ホラー秘宝館 (Japanese only)

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Masanobu Asai (浅井まさのぶ)

Ken Asamatsu (朝松健)

Homepage:  UNCLE DAGON TEMPLE (Japanese only)

Novelist who also wrote the story for Magical Blue*, drawn by Mizuki Sakura (桜水樹), and scripted KEN & JET no Makai Shoukan (KEN&JETの魔界召喚), drawn by JET.

Asami Satoru (あさみさとる)

Also works under the names Asami Misato (麻実美里) and Yokoi Shiho (横井志保).

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Maiko Asano (浅野まいこ)

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Ruri Asaoka* (浅丘ルリ)

All but forogtten today, Asaoka was a prolific author in the earliest days of girls’ comics.


Yūho Ashibe (あしべゆうほ)

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Yuriko Atsuta (あつたゆりこ)

Syun Ayasaki (綾崎隼)

Author of the Noble Children (ノーブルチルドレン) book series.  Noble Children no Zankoku* (ノーブルチルドレンの残酷) was made into a comic by Yae Mikimoto (幹本ヤエ).

Kuuya Ayase (文世空也)

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Yukito Ayatsuji (綾辻行人)

Horror and mystery author Miyako Cojima (児嶋都) adapted his Gankyuu Kitan (眼球綺譚) and Hi-iro no Sasayaki (緋色の囁き) into comics.


Ryo Azuki (亜月亮)

Blog:  AZAZ日記 (Japanese only)

Ryo Azumi (あずみ椋)

Homepage:  MIDNIGHT  SUN (Japanese and English)

Kawato Azusa (梓河人)

Wrote the Another Heaven novel series with George Iida (飯田譲治).  The comic version was drawn by Futaba Ono (小野双葉).