Rui Arisugawa
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Soshite Zombie ga Yatte Kuru (そしてゾンビがやって来る)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

ISBN-10:4-04-924393-8, 12/1993

From the story of the same name by Sei Takekawa (竹河聖).

Kemono demo Naku (獣でもなく)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-924518-3, 08/1995
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-924544-2, 11/1995
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-04-924567-1, 02/1996
v.4:  ISBN-10:4-04-924608-2, 08/1996
v.5:  ISBN-10:4-04-924632-5, 12/1996

V.5 also includes the short piece Friday:  13 Nichi no Seisen (FRIDAY  13日の聖戦).

Tongli (東立) translated this series into Chinese under the title Shou Shen zhi Yi (獸神之裔).

Millennium (千年王国)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-924686-4, 09/1997
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-924709-7, 01/1998
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-04-924729-1, 05/1998

Also translated into Chinese by Tongli, as Qian Nian Wang Guo (千年王國).

Mozart wa Komoriuta o Utawanai (モーツァルトは子守唄を歌わない)

Square Enix (スクウェア・ エニックス):  Stencil Comics (ステンシルコミックス)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-7575-0527-2, 08/2001
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-7575-0611-2, 01/2002
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-7575-0709-7, 06/2002
v.4:  ISBN-10:4-7575-0823-9, 11/2002

From the novel by Masahiro Mori (森雅裕).

Although English sources vary remarkably as to what audience Stencil was intended for, Japanese sources seem to agree fairly consistently that it was a girls’ magazine.

Other Works:

Arisugawa did the ladies’ comic Ouroboros no Wa (ウロボロスの環), published by Home-Sha, a subsidiary of Shueisha (集英社), under Eyes Comics.  Apparently she also works under the pen name Takepin Sorisori* (そりそりタケPin), the listed author for the "boys’ love" comic Charisma no Tomodachi (カリスマの友達) 1-2, published by Issui Sya (一水社) under Izumi Comics (いずみコミックス).

Arisugawa also illustrated Aoi Kami no Selene* (青い髪のシリーン) 1-2, by Reiko Hikawa (ひかわ玲子), published by Kodansha (講談社) under X Bunko White Heart* (X文庫ホワイトハート).