Asami Satoru
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Nikaidou Ranko no Jikenbo:  Bara no Ie no Satsujin (二階堂蘭子の事件簿  薔薇の家の殺人)

Akita Shoten (秋田書店):  Susperia Mystery Comics (サスペリアミステリーコミックス)

ISBN-10:4-253-18460-X, 02/2001

Based on the works of mystery writer Reito Nikaidou (二階堂黎人).  Pieces included in this volume:

Other Works:

Asami released one boys’ title, Shiina-kun no Reasoning File* (椎名くんのリーズニング・ ファイル) 1-2, published by Enix (エニックス) under GanGan Comics.

Harlequin (ハーレクイン), now HarperCollins Japan (ハーパーコリンズ・ ジャパン), published her ladies' romance comics:  Osanasa to Tomadoi to* (幼さと戸惑いと), based on Iron Cowboy by Diana Palmer; Ai no Monogatari no Ketsumatsu wa?* (愛の物語の結末は?), from His Brother's Child by Lucy Gordon; Yokaze no Shinobi Ai* (夜風の忍び逢い), from The Texan's Tiny Secret by Peggy Moreland; Shijou no Ai* (至上の愛), from Penny Jordan's The Inward Storm; and Tenshi ni Takushita Ni-dome no Koi* (天使に託した二度目の恋), from The Doctor's Secret Family by Alison Roberts.  Several of these titles have been released electronically.  Keiyaku Kekkon (契約結婚), based on Ruthless Contract by Kathryn Ross, was published only in electronic format.

Asami also works under the pen names Asami Misato (麻実美里) and Yokoi Shiho (横井志保).  Under this last name she released Aizenka:  Jikuu o Sanjuuichi Moji ni Gomete (愛染歌  時空を三十一文字に込めて), published by Athena Shobou* (アテネ書房).