Noriko Fuziki
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Retsu Maden E-Zone (裂魔伝E・ ZONE)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-924366-0, 07/1993
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-924442-X, 07/1994
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-04-924498-5, 03/1995
v.4:  ISBN-10:4-04-924541-8, 10/1995
v.5:  ISBN-10:4-04-924607-4, 07/1996
v.6:  ISBN-10:4-04-924635-X, 12/1996
v.7:  ISBN-10:4-04-924685-6, 08/1997
v.8:  ISBN-10:4-04-924727-5, 04/1998
v.9:  ISBN-10:4-04-924807-7, 01/2000
v.10:  ISBN-10:4-04-924824-7, 06/2000

E-Zone has also been released as two drama CDs.

Dark Vermilion

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics DX (あすかコミックスDX)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-852476-3, 04/1994
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-852477-1, 12/1995

Mahouou Zeravias (魔鳳凰ゼラヴィアス)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

ISBN-10:4-04-924656-2, 05/1997

Although the title pieces appear to be fantasy, the volume contains two other titles that ran in Asuka Mystery Deluxe:  DISCIPLE and Mermaid Wine.

Parasite Eve Diva:  N.Y. Shi no Utahime* (Parasite  Eve  Diva  N. Y. 死の歌姫)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics DX (あすかコミックスDX)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-852993-5, 10/1998
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-853101-8, 07/1999

Based on the video game Parasite Eve, from the novel by Hideaki Sena (瀬名秀明).

Other Works

Fuziki has also released one ladies’ title, Satori Shou (サトリ抄), first published in two volumes by Gakken (学研) under Nora Comics, then rereleased in three volumes by Kobunsha (光文社) under Kobunsha Comics.