Atsuko Fujita
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Kou Josei Series (煌如星シリーズ):

Akita Shoten (秋田書店):  Bonita Comics (ボニータコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-253-09220-9, 12/1988
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-253-09317-5, 06/1989
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-253-09337-X, 01/1990
v.4:  ISBN-10:4-253-09340-X, 09/1990
v.5:  ISBN-10:4-253-09344-2, 06/1991
v.6:  ISBN-10:4-253-09325-6, 05/1992
v.7:  ISBN-10:4-253-09331-0, 03/1993

Kou Josei Series (煌如星シリーズ):

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックスDX)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-04-852582-4, 08/1995
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-04-852621-9, 11/1995
v.3:  ISBN-10:4-04-852654-5, 02/1996
v.4:  ISBN-10:4-04-852677-4, 05/1996
v.5:  ISBN-10:4-04-852683-9, 06/1996
v.6:  ISBN-10:4-04-852752-5, 11/1996
v.7:  ISBN-10:4-04-852772-X, 04/1997
v.8:  ISBN-10:4-04-852854-8, 08/1997
v.9:  ISBN-10:4-04-852903-X, 01/1998
v.10:  ISBN-10:4-04-852912-9, 02/1998
v.11:  ISBN-10:4-04-852979-X, 08/1998
v.12:  ISBN-10:4-04-852985-4, 09/1998

Kou Josei Series (煌如星シリーズ):

Bunkasha (ぶんか社):  Bunkasha Comics (ぶんか社コミックス)

v.1:  ISBN:978-4-8211-7436-2, 04/2013

The volumes are titled with the names of Chinese poems as they would be read in Japanese.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a source that would give me the original Chinese readings.  Similarly, the hero’s name, at least, really should be rendered properly in Chinese as Huang Ru Xing.

Youshuu no Yume (楊州の夢)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Asuka Comics (あすかコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

ISBN-10:4-04-924459-4, 09/1994

Youshuu is the Japanese pronunciation of Yangchow.

Other Works

Fujita has released one other girls' title, the biographical Ri Kouran (李香蘭, a name more properly rendered Lee Hsiang Lan), also from Kadokawa Shoten under Asuka Comics DX.

She has done ladies’ comics titles, the earliest published by Ohzora Publishing (宙出社) and distributed by Shufu to Seikatsu Sha (主婦と生活社) under the Missy Comics DX label:  Kiss Me Once, Touka Sen (桃花扇), and Kin Shitsu (錦瑟).  She produced the comic version of Brittany Young’s novel The Ambassador’s Daughter, titled Paris no Ouji-sama (パリの王子さま), published under Emerald Comics - Harlequin Series by Ohzora.  Harlequin (ハーレクイン) later released an electronic version.

Bunkasha published her ladies’ comics Kouen:  Chuugoku Youjo Emaki (紅艶  中国妖女絵巻), Chuugoku Akujo Den (中国悪女伝), Chuugoku Zangyaku Kisaki Den* (中国残虐妃伝), Chuugoku Dokufu Kitan* (中国毒婦奇譚), Chuugoku Akusai Zankoku Den* (中国悪妻残酷伝), Chuugoku Kijo Den* (中国鬼女伝), Chuugoku Bishuu Tan* (中国美醜譚), and Chuugoku Fukushuu Kenbu Den* (中国復讐賢婦伝), all under Manga Grimm Douwa (まんがグリム童話).