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Oo Majo to Chiisa na Bebe-chan* (大魔女とちいさなべーべちゃん)

Asahi Shimbun Publications (朝日新聞出版):  Nemurenu Yoru no Kimyou na Hanashi Comics (眠れぬ夜の奇妙な話コミックス)

ISBN:978-4-02-213180-5, 08/2012

Other Works

fukamizu has released one other girls’ title, Harumachi Waltz* (春待ヴァルツ) 1, published by Gentosha Comics (幻冬舎コミックス) under Birz Comics - Spica Collection (バーズコミックス  スピカコレクション).

Her latest work, the full-color love story Aoyobi:  Seishun Yobikou (アオヨビ  青春予備校) 1 was serialized in Futabasha (双葉社)'s Gekkan Action (月刊アクション), a magazine that has avoided identifying a specific audience but appears to be aimed at boys.