Kazuaki Kimura
page content last updated July 26, 2009

Unlucky Sachiko (アンラッキー・幸子)

Akita Shoten (秋田書店):  Horror Comics (ホラーコミックス)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-253-12949-8, 04/2000

Other Works:

Kimura has apparently also written two boys’ comics, also from Akita Shoten, under the Shounen Champion Comics (少年チャンピオンコミックス) label.  (Since there is nearly a 20-year gap between these and Unlucky Sachiko, I’m not sure it’s the same author.)

His most recent works are Nippon no Waka Oku-sama (ニッポンのワカ奥さま) 1 and O-kaa-san ga Issho (おかあさんがいっしょ) 1, published by Houbunsha (芳文社) under Manga Time Comics (まんがタイムコミックス).