Hideki Maeda
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Plum Potage (プラム・ ポタージュ)

Asahi Shimbun Publications (朝日新聞出版):  Nemurenu Yoru no Kimyou na Hanashi Comics (眠れぬ夜の奇妙な話コミックス)

ISBN:978-4-02-213122-5, 08/2008

Other Works

Maeda's Ys (イース) 1-4 was published by Asahi Shimbun Publications under Asahi Comics Fantasy (あさひコミックス  ファンタジー).

Maeda also illustrated the boys’ comic Crows Yard (クロウズヤード) 1-2, written by Edgeworks (エッジワークス) and published by Jive (ジャイブ) under CR Comics.