Kouhei Nishino
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Goshiki no Majin (五色の魔神)

Asahi Sonorama (朝日ソノラマ):  Halloween Shoujo Comic Kan (ハロウィン少女コミック館)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

ISBN-10:4-257-98537-2, 05/1994

Other Works:

All of Nishino’s other comics appear to be for boys.  He was the illustrator for Manga de Wakaru Comic:  Zenkai!!  Off-Road (マンガでわかる  Comic  全開!!  オフロード), published by Sony Magazines (ソニー・マガジンズ).  He then released two titles under Nihon Shuppan Sha (日本出版社)’s Bomb Comics:  C. A. T. S. (キャッツ) 1-2 and Youhei Yakuza:  The Poison Army (傭兵やくざ  The  poison  army).  And finally, Reinou Tantei Runa & Saiko (霊能探偵ルナ& サイコ) 1-2 was published by Shueisha (集英社) under Jump Comics.