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Ochazukenori (御茶漬海苔)

Homepage:  御茶漬海苔の館 (Japanese only)

Hideji Oda (小田ひで次)

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Suzuka Oda (小田すずか)

Homepage:  甘党 (Japanese only).

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Kazuo Ogatsu (オガツカヅオ)

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Mikako Ōhara (大原未花子)


Kaoru Ōhashi (大橋薫)

Homepage:  K2OFFICE (Japanese only)

Sister of Kei Kusunoki (楠桂), they share a web site.

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Satoshi Ohno (オオノサトシ)

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Kenichi Ohnuki (大貫健一)

Homepage:  えかきや本舗 (Japanese only)

Tadashi Ohta (太田忠司)

Homepage:  Ohta's Home page - 太田忠司のホームページ (Japanese only)

Mystery author whose novels were the source for Karino Shunsuke no Jikenbo:  Genryuuen Jiken (狩野俊介の事件簿  幻竜苑事件) by Akira Ootuka (大塚あきら).

Kidou Okamoto (岡本綺堂)

Early 20th century author.  Akiko Hatsu (波津彬子) adapted some of his works in Gensou Kichou (幻想綺帖) 2.

Yuu Okazaki (岡崎優)

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Syuuko Okimoto (沖本秀子)

The real name of the comics creator better known as Shu Okimoto (オキモト・シュウ).  The mystery title Naniwa Shounen Tantei Dan (浪花少年探偵団) was released under this name.  It was based on the novel series by Keigo Higashino (東野圭吾) and published by Akita Shoten (秋田書店).

Her name was once listed as "Hideko" in Akita Shoten’s author database, as well as other sources.  It was, however, written as "Shuuko" in at least one issue of Susperia Mystery (サスペリアミステリー) and appeared to be romanized as "Syuuko" on the cover of this Susperia Mystery Comics volume, which is why the last transliteration is used here.

Yumiko Okita (沖田有美子)

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Youko Okutoba (奥鳥羽洋子)

Also works under the name Hiro Kannazuki (神無月ひろ).

Ayuko Omi (穂実あゆこ)

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Ken Onijouji (鬼城寺健)

Mioko Onishi (大西実生子)

Futaba Ono (小野双葉)

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Fuyumi Ono (小野不由美)

Author whose novels were the source for the Ghost Hunt series by Shiho Inada (いなだ詩穂) and Midori no Wagaya (緑の我が家) by Atsuko Kishida (岸田あつ子).

Youri Ono* (オノユウリ)

Although this artist's name is listed as "Yuri Ono" on the cover of her HonKowa volumes, her Twitter account seems to indicate that she prefers the listed romanization.

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Madoka Ooishi (大石まどか)

Michiko Ookawa* (大川美千子)

Has written the stories for several horror comics:  Shiryou no Karasu (死霊のカラス) by Masako Tanaka (田中雅子), Noroi no Gishiki (呪いの儀式) by Masaaki Sakuma (作麻正明), and Chi Moji no Nazo (血文字の謎) by Fuufu Kakuta (角田ふうふ).

Jun Ootsuki (大槻純)

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Akira Ootuka (大塚あきら)

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Kiyoko Oouchi* (大内清子)

Yuiko Ooya (大矢結子)


Kahori Orito (おりとかほり)


Not Osada (長田ノオト)

Blog:  謎の暗闇探偵社 (Japanese only)

Midori Otogi (乙樹美どり)

Sometimes listed with a slightly different writing of her name (乙樹みどり).

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Eiji Otsuka (大塚英志)

Novelist who also wrote stories for comic series, including the Kuchisake Shoujo Satchan (口裂け少女さっちゃん) series by Kaoru Ōhashi (大橋薫) and the Tokyo Michael* (東京ミカエル) series by Yoshisada Tsutsumi (堤芳貞).

Kenji Otsuki (大槻ケンヂ)

Wrote the story for Misaki Hayase (速瀬みさき)’s Chou ya Ga no Shijutsushi (蝶や蛾の施術師).  Kaoru Ōhashi (大橋薫)’s Kuruguru Tsukai (くるぐる使い) is based on his novel of the same name.


Ayuri Ouki (央己あゆり)

Homepage:  埼玉ぷりん 央己あゆり黙公認サイト (Japanese only)

Rei Ouma* (逢魔麗)

Wrote the story for the Hanaoni (花鬼) series by Hiroko Takao (高生浩子).

Iku Oyamada (小山田いく)

Homepage:  安藤優弥の小山田いくの診療室 (Japanese only)

Also works under the name Yuya Ando (安藤優弥).

A Susperia ad once described writer/artist Iku Oyamada’s works as "heartful horror," and, as strange as that sounds, it’s actually quite appropriate.  His works have an underlying sentimental tone, which the horror elements happily keep from getting overly saccharine.  Although Oyamada seems to be better known for his boys’ titles, I highly recommend his girls’ horror!

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Mitsuo Ozaki (尾崎みつお)

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Paja (破邪)

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Homepage:  momonotane (Japanese only)

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Ellery Queen

Mystery author and the source for JET’s Ellery Queen no Bouken (エラリー・ クイーンの冒険).

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Miki Rinno (厘のミキ/ 凛野ミキ)

Homepage:  Raw Meal (Japanese only)

The family name on her earlier comics (凛野) often appeared written with a different character (凜野), even on official publications.  The version given above is how it appeared on her site when this page was created.  She now writes her family name in an entirely different way (厘の).

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Ryuuji Ryuusuke* (竜介龍司)

I haven’t been able to confirm the reading of Ryuuji Ryuusuke’s name.  Given that there was only one title released under this name, it’s unlikely any confirmation will be forthcoming!

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