Hideji Oda
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Miyori no Mori (ミヨリの森):

Akita Shoten (秋田書店)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-253-10466-5, 01/2004
v.2:  ISBN:978-4-253-10467-8, 08/2007
v.3:  ISBN:978-4-253-10469-2, 11/2008

There was also a Miyori no Mori animated TV special.

Milan translated the series into French as La forêt de Miyori.

Other Works

Oda has mostly written boys’ comics.  Kodansha (講談社) published Kakusan (拡散) 1-2 and Te Nori Mammoth no Mou-chan (手乗りマンモスのモウちゃん) 1 under Kodansha Comics Deluxe (講談社コミックスデラックス).  Kakusan has been rereleased by Enterbrain under Beam Comix.  Coo no Sekai (クーの世界) 1-2 was also published by Kodansha under Kodansha Comics Afternoon (講談社コミックスアフタヌーン).  Coo no Sekai was rereleased in a single-volume revised edition by Akita Shoten.

Asukashinsha (飛鳥新社) published the Coo no Sekai sequel Yume no Akichi (夢の空地).  It was released in English by Fanfare and Ponent Mon, under the title A Patch of Dreams.

Enterbrain also released Oda’s Ohayou Hideji-kun!  Heisei Mangaka Jitsuzon Monogatari (おはようひで次くん! 平成マンガ家実存物語) 1-2 under Beam Comix.  Electronic versions of both volumes were produced by Kodansha.