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Tamayumi Saba (鯖玉弓)

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Sabu Ric (サブリック)

Illustrated Takakura-kun ni wa Muzukashii (高倉くんには難しい) 1-2, written by Masahide Ichijou (一條マサヒデ) and at least partially serialized in Mystery Bonita (ミステリーボニータ).  Has apparently also worked under the name Sabu (サブ).

Riho Sachimi (さちみりほ)

Homepage:  人生脳天気 (Japanese only)

Mika Sadahiro (定広美香)

Blog:  AFFLUENZA (Japanese only)

Kayono Saeki (佐伯かよの)

Homepage:  「星恋華」-ほしれんげ- (Japanese only)

Miyuki Saga (さがみゆき)


Keiko Saiki (サイキ敬子)

Misaki Saitoh (斎藤岬)

Eiichi Saitou* (斎藤栄一)

Kuniko Saitou (さいとう邦子)

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Miwa Sajiki (桟敷美和)

Blog:  動物と怪談(仮 (Japanese only)

Yoshio Sakaguchi (坂口よしを)

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Megumi Sakaki* (榊めぐみ)

See Mayumi Imanishi* (今西まゆみ).


Isao Sakamoto (坂元勲)

Masaaki Sakuma (作麻正明)

Maiko Sakura (さくらまいこ)

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Mizuki Sakura (桜水樹)

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Sousi Sakurai (櫻井そうし)


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Harumo Sanazaki (真崎春望)

Blog:  Romance x Romance (Japanese only)


Masaki Sano (佐野真砂輝)

Homepage:  Twin Castle (Japanese only)

Shio Sasahara (佐々原史緒)

Homepage:  Unagies Paradise (Japanese only)

Fantasy author who also wrote the story for Devil Summoner:  Soul Hackers (デビルサマナー  ソウルハッカーズ) and Jewelry File:  Shizuka no Ishi (ジュエリーファイル 静かの石), both drawn by Kazumi Takazawa (高沢和巳).

Ayumi Sasaki (笹木阿弓)

Sometimes listed with different kanji (笹木亜弓).

Misuzu Sasaki (佐々木みすず)

Homepage:  彼岸花家 (Japanese only)

A remarkably prolific romance comics artist, Sasaki has also released two horror titles.  Mugen Yasou (夢幻夜想) was first published by Kosaido Publishing (廣済堂出版) under Solitaire Comics (ソリティアコミックス), then by Tairiku Shobo (大陸書房) under Horror House Comics (ホラーハウスコミックス), and finally in an electronic version by Ai Kuri Henshuubu* (あいクリ編集部).  Fairy Park* (フェアリーパーク) was put out by Gakushuu Kenkyuu Sha* (学習研究社) under Pichi Comics - Mystery Deluxe (ピチコミックス・ ミステリーデラックス).

Nanaeko Sasaya (ささやななえこ)

Probably better known in the US as Nanae Sasaya (ささやななえ).

Yuu Satomi (里見尤)

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Machiko Satonaka (里中満智子)

Blog:  里中満智子ー公式ブログ (Japanese only)

Kaoru Satou (佐藤かおる)

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Youko Satou (佐藤陽子)

Tetsurou Sayama (佐山哲郎)

Wrote the story for Tarantula no Kuchizuke (タランチュラのくちづけ), drawn by Ryoko Takashina (高階良子).

Noriko Segawa (瀬川乃里子)

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Takatsugu Segawa (瀬川貴次)

Author of the Onimai (鬼舞) novel series, released in comic form by Miki Rinno (厘のミキ).

Keiko Seguchi (瀬口恵子)

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Konan Seino (せいのこなん)

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Ryusui Seiryoin (清涼院流水)

Novelist who wrote the stories for Toui Hasumi (蓮見桃衣)’s Extra Joker and Cosmic Comics (コズミック・ コミックス) series.

Yoshimi Seki (関よしみ)

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Hideaki Sena (瀬名秀明)

Homepage:  瀬名秀明の博物館 (Japanese only)

Although he seems to be primarily a SF writer, he wrote the horror novel Parasite Eve, which was made into a movie and a video game of the same name.  The movie was then made into a girls’ horror comic by Shikakuno (しかくの), and the game into another by Noriko Fuziki (藤貴紀子).

Aki Sendou (泉道亜紀)

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Senno Knife (千之ナイフ)

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Sensui Souun* (仙翠蒼雲)

Buddhist monk and psychic who was the source for Takakazu Nagakubo (永久保貴一)'s "true horror" title Ajari Souun:  Reigen Kaii Shimatsu* (阿闍梨蒼雲  霊幻怪異始末).  The transliteration of his name is only a slightly educated guess.

Haruhi Seta (瀬田ハルヒ)

Blog:  瀬田ハルヒんちの畑。 (Japanese only).

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

English author whose Frankenstein is generally considered the first horror novel.  Frankenstein was adapted into a girls’ horror comic by Junji Ito (伊藤潤二).

Hideyuki Shibata (芝田英行)

Also sometimes listed in Japanese with a different inital character (柴田英行).

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Masahiro Shibata (柴田昌弘)

Kimie Shiga (志賀公江)


Mayumi Shihou (四鵬マユミ)

Takako Shii (椎隆子)

Ritsuko Shiina (椎名りつ子)

Blog:  椎名りつ子(R.SHEENA)♡漫画家·他♡ (Japanese only)

Although the artist herself often writes her family name as "Sheena," the offiicial romanization from copyright statements on her own pages still appears to be "Shiina."

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Shikakuno (しかくの)

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Keiko Shikano (鹿野景子)

Also works under the name K-ko Sorbonne* (ソルボンヌK子).

Harumi Shiki (しきはるみ)

Mariko Shimamine (嶌峰麻利子)

Mikiko Shimizu (清水幹子)

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Rie Shimizu (清水利江)

Takashi Shimizu (清水崇)

Creator of the Juon (呪怨) movies.  Miki Rinno (凛野ミキ) has released one comic adaptation, Juon:  Video Side (呪怨  video  side); and MEIMU another, Juon 2 (呪怨2).

Mayumi Shinoda (篠田真由美)

Wrote several novels illustrated by Kyoko Akizuki (秋月杏子), whose Architecture Detective Kyosuke Sakurai 1:  Ido no Naka no Akuma (建築探偵桜井京介の事件簿1  井戸の中の悪魔) is also based on her books.


Chie Shinohara (篠原千絵)

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend writer/artist Chie Shinohara; although she does have her moments, for the most part her works just leave me cold.  But apparently there are thousands of people who would disagree with me.

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Masami Shinohara (篠原正美)

Non Shinohara (篠原のん)

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Udō Shinohara (篠原烏童)

Homepage:  White Wing (Japanese only)

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Asako Shiomi (汐見朝子)


Chika Shiomi (潮見知佳)

Homepage:  SEA ROUTE (Japanese only)

Shiota Myogen (塩田妙玄)

Blog:  ゆるりん坊主のつぶやき―塩田妙玄

Buddhist nun and author, she wrote the story for Pet no Koe ga Kikoetara (ペットの声が聞こえたら) by Youri Ono* (オノユウリ).

Eriko Shirai (白井恵理子)

Sachiko Shirai (白井幸子)

Homepage:  seven herbs (Japanese only)

Shirai is sometimes listed in databases along with her year of birth (1971), in order to distinguish her from another author of the same name who has published several psychiatric textbooks.

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Yumiko Shirai (白井弓子)

Homepage:  弓工房 (Japanese only)

Marina Shirakawa (白川まり奈)

According to some sources, also worked under the name Kichou Kagemori* (影森奇蝶)

Kyouko Shitou (紫堂恭子)

Ryouko Shitou (市東亮子)

Blog:  大和魂 (Japanese only)


Author who releases stories designed to be read on cell phones.  Miyuki Etoo (永遠幸)’s short work Number 1 (ナンバー1) was based on SINKA's Hakanai Yume ≠ Jigoku Shoujo* (儚夢≠地獄少女).

Michiko Soh (宗美智子)


Masako Sone (曽祢まさこ)

Homepage:  ちゃうネコ通信 (Japanese only)

Sumiko Sonehara (曽根原澄子)

Bram Stoker

Author of Dracula, which was made into the comic Kyuuketsuki Dracula (吸血鬼ドラキュラ) by JET.  The novel has often been referenced in other horror comics such as Dracula ga Kuru Yakata (吸血鬼がくる館) by Monsieur Tanaka (ムッシュー田中).

Yoshiko Suganuma (菅沼美子)

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Maki Sugawa (栖川マキ)

Blog:  ちまちま☆ブログ (Japanese only)

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Keiko Sugimoto (杉本啓子)

Koushi Sugito (杉戸光史)

Sayaka Sugiyama (杉山小弥花)

Blog:  ありがとうなら芋虫ゃハタチ (Japanese only).

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Yuko Sugiyama (杉山祐子)

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Natsuki Sumeragi (皇なつき)

Blog:  好古 (Japanese only)

Koji Suzuki (鈴木光司)

Horror writer whose novels were the source for the live-action movies Rasen (らせん) and the Ring series.  All these movies have since been made into girls’ horror comics:  Rasen drawn by Mizuki Sakura (桜水樹), The Ring by Misao Inagaki (稲垣みさお), and Ring 2 and Birthday by MEIMU.

Midori Suzuki (鈴木みどり)


Shiho Suzuki (鈴木志保)