Mizuki Sakura
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Magical Blue* (マジカルブルー)

Leed Sha (リイド社):  SP Comics - Kyoufu no Yakata Comic Series (SPコミックス・ 恐怖の館コミックシリーズ)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-8458-1129-4, 11/1994
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-8458-1130-8, 02/1995

The story was by Ken Asamatsu (朝松健).

Rasen (らせん)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Horror Comics

ISBN-10:4-04-853116-6, 09/1999

The comic Rasen was made from the movie adaptation of Koji Suzuki (鈴木光司)’s novel of the same name.

Dark Horse has translated this comic into English as Spiral, the third volume of their The Ring series.

Ivrea released Rasen as the fourth volume of the Spanish The Ring series, The Ring:  Spiral.  It was also translated into French as Spiral by Marvel Panini France.

Kuroyuri Danchi (クロユリ団地)

Kadokawa Shoten (角川書店):  Kwai Comic (怪COMIC)

ISBN:978-4-04-120663-8, 04/2013

Based on the movie of the same name, known in English as The Complex.  The comic has also been made available electronically under Kadokawa Digital Comcs (カドカワデジタルコミックス).

Although the audience for the magazine Comic Kwai is uncertain, it seems best to include this volume for now.

Other Works

Sakura contributed to the anthology Yo ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari:  Manga no Tokubetsu Hen (世にも奇妙な物語  漫画の特別編) from Kadokawa Shoten.

He did the art for Chiaki Kawamata (川又千秋)’s Kyouryuuou (恐竜王), published by Enix (エニックス) under GanGan Fantasy Comics, and also illustrated the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum’s English-language publication The Japanese Drawing Room:  Victorian Travellers in Japan.