Non Shinohara
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Spirits Dance* (スピリッツダンス)

  Pichi Comics - Mystery Deluxe (ピチコミックス・ ミステリーデラックス) edition, one volume, 1992

Publisher:  Gakken (学研出版)

Size:  B6

ISBN-10:  4-05-106375-5
Publication date:  05/1992


Other Works:

Shinohara’s first release was the ladies’ comic Love Cat* (ラブ・ キャット), published by Tokyo Sansei Sha (東京三世社)’s My Comics (マイコミックス).

She also released several comics titles through Rapport Comics (ラポートコミックス):

And she illustrated Tamako Maeda (前田珠子)’s Shijima no Sono (黙の園), published by Shogakukan (小学館).