Mio Takai
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Youkai Tantei Saiki (妖怪探偵霊姫)

Leed Sha (リイド社):  SP Comics - Kyoufu no Yakata Comic Series (SPコミックス・ 恐怖の館コミックシリーズ)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

v.1:  ISBN-10:4-8458-1141-3, 03/1995
v.2:  ISBN-10:4-8458-1142-1, 11/1995

The art for this title was also sometimes credited to Mioko Takai (高井美生子), presumably an alternate pen name, but the publisher listed it under Mio Takai.

The story was written by Tatsuhiko Dan (団竜彦).

Rondo* (輪舞)

Leed Sha (リイド社):  SP Comics - Horror WooPee Comic Series (SPコミックス・ ホラーウーピーコミックシリーズ)
Shinsho-ban (新書版)

ISBN-10:4-8458-1629-6, 10/1999

Other Works

Harlequin (ハーレクイン), now HarperCollins Japan (ハーパーコリンズ・ ジャパン), has published a considerable number of adaptations by Takai:

Most of these comics have been released electronically and many translated back into English.