Chie Watari

Although the works of writer/artist Chie Watari originally appeared in magazines for general girls’ fiction, her stories definitely fall under the category of horror.  She writes only short pieces, which may limit the chance for character development, but doesn’t keep her from interesting character portrayals or complex storylines.  It also provides an opportunity for an unusually wide range of characters and subjects, which she uses to great advantage.

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Like most girls’ horror authors, Watari tends to the "creepy" rather than the gory.  Her works are aimed at a primarily teenage audience, but contain little graphic material.  This, along with the fact that any one of her volumes can be read independantly, makes her a good choice for readers new to girls’ horror.

Featured Series:  Fudou Wanihiko Series

The three volumes of this series, Onryou Densetsu, Halloween Densetsu, and Jinrou Densetsu (roughly translated as "Vengeful Spirit Legend," "Halloween Legend," and "Werewolf Legend"), contain four works that can be read as separate stories.  But there is a common thread running through them that also makes them into a series:  exorcist Wanihiko Fudou.  Halloween Densetsu is written from his point of view, but each of the other stories is narrated primarily by another character.  (I originally read the volumes out of order, and was so intrigued by this technique that I was actually rather disappointed when I finally read Halloween Densetsu.)

These stories are somewhat bloodier than Watari’s usual works, and contain sections that are a little more difficult to read.  So it might actually be better to start with one of her other volumes for a first try.  But for those interested in girls’ horror in general or Watari in particular, they definitely shouldn’t be missed!

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